Karaoke Room

Renovations Continue At Wave Bowl

We are excited to bring you a modern and upgraded Boutique Bowling Centre !

Renovations are well underway to transform Wave Bowl into a new and exciting venue dining and bar venue.

We are reinventing our centre as a food and beverage destination – with bowling and karaoke as the entertainment focus. 

Some Completed Works:

  • New electronic scoring system
  • Entry
  • Modern players (bowling area) flooring.  
  • Modernised and comfortable players seating

Improvements to Come:

  • Karaoke Room (12 person)
  • Restaurant facilities, seating areas and laneside service
  • Boutique bar serving you cocktail and craft beers on tap
  • CrowdDJ kiosk so you become the centre’s DJ
  • Sports screens and bar seating


Are you and your friends ready to sing your heart out?  Coming in March 2019, you can hire your own private karaoke room with the latest karaoke kiosk technology.  A full bar service and delicious party buffet will be delivered right to you.  Close the door, choose from our extensive song list, it’s sound-proof and just enjoy the music with friends and cocktails !