We are always thrilled to hear of newcomers to the sport.  Feel free to fill out our league enquiry form or come in to speak with our team to find out which league will suit you best.

Yes you can!  We can put you in a team immediately.  We have spots available in all leagues at present.

You can join on your own, as a couple or form your own team. Whichever denomination suits you best. 

Yes you do. League bowling is at a slightly cheaper rate.  Every league has a different price in accordance with their prize fund.

Either is OK.  Whichever is best for you.  We have bowling balls of all different weights and sizes.

Bowling shoes are specially made as they allow customers to “slide” when bowling, helping you hit that strike. It is important that these shoes are worn at all times as the incorrect footwear is a potential safety risk and can damage the approach to the lanes. 


Yes.  It is advisable so you can secure your lane.  You can use our online booking system and beable to book your lane in real time, or alternatively, ring our team on 0265 832238

Yes.  Call Wave Bowl ; 0265 832238, and speak to one of our team members.  They will be only too happy to make changes for you.

We have bumpers, light balls and ramps especially for children and less experienced bowlers.   We leave it up to the discretion of parents/carers if their children are old enough to enjoy the game of bowling.

Absolutely not !  You can’t put an age limit on fun and here at Wave Bowl our oldest bowler is 91 years of age.  

A junior bowler is 15 yrs and under.

Our lightest balls are 6 pound and heaviest are 16 pound.  Our xxx page is a great help to you choosing which ball is suitable.  If you would prefer for one of our team members to help you, don’t hesitate to ask when you arrive to Wave Bowl.

Yes you do.  We have house shoes available in all sizes and the cost is incorporated in your social or league bowling fees.

Yes you do.  We have socks that we recycle and wash after use for hire.

A game of bowling with 6 people will last approx. 1 hour.

For the ultimate bowling experience, and to give your game a real sense of competition, we recommend 6 people per lane.  But of course, you can have as much fun with 3 people!

Every game of bowling is made of 10 frames.  In each frame, the player gets two shots; unless of course, you knock down all the pins in the first shot and that’s called a STRIKE !  Ultimate points!

Yes we are.  We have a bar license and are renovating to bring you a boutique cocktail bar and craft beer on tap.  

No outside food or drink allowed into our centre.  We have bar, restaurant, coffee and tea facilities and we are ready to be of service to you! 

Yes we do.  If you have a large group of 15+ people, then please don’t hesitate to contact our team so we can do a great bowling deal for you.  You may be interested in our bowling, food and beverage deals which our team are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

We’d love to hear from you.  We are always looking at ways to improve.  Also we appreciate constructive critiicism You can make a suggestion or complaint through our Contact Us

We are bringing 3 large screens to our bar area as part of our renovations.