Disability Bowling

Here at Wave Bowl we strive to overcome barriers through the game of tenpin bowling. 

Help us break down the barriers

We proudly cater to the young, and young at heart, and welcome all skills and abilities. There is a tremendous amount of adaptive equipment available for those who want to participate in ten pin bowling and Wave Bowl has invested in quite a few.

“I choose not to place “DIS”, in my ability.” – Robert. M Hensel

Bowling Aides

Whether you have difficulty bowling with a bad back, arthritis,
lack of mobility, are a wheelchair user, or blind / vision impaired;
we have specialised equipment to make your bowling a breeze.

Are you ready to be able, active and social?

We hope so!  

Wave Bowl has a special needs league each Monday and Friday
as well as senior, youth, competitive and social leagues everyday.
We are always looking to welcome new players


Yes, coaching is a free service, and we make it
available to assist you with bowling.

During the special needs league, Ralph Mueller, (Level 1 Coach) is on-hand, down on the lanes,
ready to assist you in your bowling, answer questions or teach you new strategies.
This is a great opportunity to help make your game better.

Did you Know?

Using disability bowling aides originated in the USA during the 1940’s after World War II.  Many soldiers returned from war with various injuries and disabilities and using specialised equipment was a way to help them resume activity and socialisation. 

Available Leagues

If you want to improve your bowling, play in a friendly competition, have fun and make lots of friends, then tenpin bowling is a GREAT sport for you !

Monday club


Starts 4.00pm
2 Games of Bowling

Special olympics


Starts 4.00pm
2 Games of Bowling



Bowl Your Time
2 Games of Bowling