Everything you need to know about the Dine & Discover vouchers

Have you heard about the Dine & Discover vouchers and wondered what it is all about? 

The NSW government has introduced a stimulus voucher program aimed at enticing NSW residents to go out to support local venues that may have been hard hit during COVID19 such as restaurants, cafes and entertainment venues. 

The idea is a NSW adult (18y and over) can apply for 2x $25 dine vouchers and 2x $25 discover vouchers, each with their own restrictions, and go out and support the venues that are accepting these. You may spend just the voucher total or you may spend more.

For more information check out the link here .

Wave Bowl will be accepting the Dine & Discover vouchers to use on or towards bowling, karaoke and meal deals available from March to June.


  1. Hi there do u take the parent vouchers?

  2. Hi Sarah, yes we do. We accept Dine/Discover and Parent Vouchers.

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