Guests using CrowdDJ

Great News! CrowdDJ is coming.

GONE are the days of popping two dollars in a jukebox and keeping your fingers crossed there weren’t many people ahead of you in the queue.

Because here at Wave Bowl we will shortly launch the CrowdDJ Kiosk; your modern day jukebox.

When visiting Wave Bowl with friends, or turning up at your weekly league, we hand over the the control of of the music we play, to you.

So in effect, you become our DJ.

Accessibility will be to all patrons, and the best news is, it is free.

The Crowd DJ kiosk has the look, and feel, of an oversized ipad (at a guess we reckon it is about four times the size).

You’ll be able to see the playlist, request a song to play next and search our library. Thanks Nightlife Music for hooking us up.

With Spotify integration, you have xxx at your fingertips.

We are excited to bring this new addition for your added enjoyment here at Wave Bowl.

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